Wellness Clinic

Dentistry that doesn’t stop at oral health.

  • Nutritional Counseling: Available upon request.
  • Tongue Diagnosis: Chinese and Ayurvedic practitioners often first look at an individual’s tongue to determine overall health. Different areas of the tongue correspond to different areas of the body like in reflexology and feet. The texture and color of the tongue can give us clues about digestive issues, hydration status and inflammation. Often signs of disease present before symptoms, so if we can identify a weak area in the body, we can work together with a physician to restore the body to good health.
  • Muscle testing:
  • Alpha-Stim
  • BRAINTap: Braintap is a revolutionary technology featuring harmonizing tones synchronized with gentle light pulses guiding your brain into deep relaxation https://braintap.com/
  • Lymph Release Technology FLOW VIBRATE
  • OxyOligoScan: https://www.oligolab.org
  • Biomat Far Infrared, Negative Ion and Amethyst Conductive Chanel Therapy
  • Phyto-aromatherapy

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