Integrative Preventative Care

When it comes to keeping your beautiful smile, and your good health for life, prevention is always the best treatment.

Preventative care

a. Decay risk assessment

Our bodies are designed to maintain health and wellness.

Unfortunately, modern dietary options are pushing our bodies further and further from its state of balance. Loss of minerals in the teeth is one of the earliest signs of an overall imbalance in systemic health. The Holistic approach to dentistry is designed to restore, regenerate and maintain healthy teeth. We coach and empower our patients to develop healthy lifestyles.

We recommend that our patients develop a whole-food, organic diet. Modern research shows that this diet effectively reduces the risk of tooth decay to zero.

Gum health evaluation

b. Gum health evaluation

It is well understood that people who are struggling with their health consequently face challenges with their oral health. Recent studies show that the reverse is also true.

Overwhelming amounts of research prove that gum disease is a causal factor in systemic diseases such as heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, Alzheimers and negative birth outcomes.

As a Holistic dentist, Dr Emma Abramyan, reviews your health history, lifestyle choices along with the most recent lab tests. We consider the whole-body health and associated risk factors in order to create a personalized diagnosis and treatment plan. We offer a multitude of minimally invasive solutions such as specialized periodontal trays, ozone therapy, laser therapy, and nutritional counseling. All of this, and more, will help you establish and maintain your ideal gum health.

Oral cancer screening

c. Oral Cancer screening

The Velscope is a tissue scanning device, designed to evaluate your soft tissues for signs of oral cancer. The Velscope emits a safe blue light which excites the basement membrane and causes it to fluoresce. Based on the created different fluorescence responses, we can then identify tissue that is healthy or abnormal visually.

The Velscope is a safe and effective device that helps us to identify precancerous lesions long before they present on surface tissues in just seconds.

Early detection is the key to unlocking positive outcomes.

d. 3D Oral Scanning

Most of us have experience having the “goop” impression material go into our mouth which is often followed by a sense of panic, claustrophobia and gagging. We do not consider this an optimal patient experience! Thankfully with the advent of 3D intraoral scanning, goopy and gagging impressions are now a thing of the past. This saves time and provides greater accuracy of results. Not to mention that you won’t have goop slowly creeping down your throat! We are excited to share this amazing technology with you throughout your care with us.

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