Ozone Therapy

Ozone Treatment in Southern California

Ozone therapy is a treatment used for disinfecting tissues and helping tissue to regenerate. Ozone is a negatively charged particle that naturally seeks to neutralize anything with a positive charge. Bacteria, viruses and fungus all carry a positive charge. The negatively-charged ozone seeks the positively charged microbes, neutralizing and destroying them, thus disinfecting the area. Ozone is 8,000 times more bactericidal than chlorine! Stop cavities in their tracks and get on the path to remineralization!

Dental tooth check

Periodontal disease: Ozone gas and ozonated water are used to disinfect areas of gum disease. Pathogens that cause gum disease are instantly neutralized when they come into contact with ozone. For severe periodontal disease, special trays can be also made to routinely deliver ozone to infected areas

– Tooth sensitivity Ozone gas and ozonated water are used to disinfect teeth prior to placing a filling. Not only does this make the success of the filling more predictable, but it also decreases the sensitivity of the teeth treated.

TMJ: Ozone gas can be used in and around the jaw joint to aid in joint rehabilitation.
Oral Hygiene: Ozonated water can used as a mouth rinse to kill harmful pathogens, along with ozonated oils
Mouth Sores: Ozonated olive oil can be used as a salve for cold sores, canker sores and other areas of infection in the mouth
Tooth decay: Ozone can be used to treat tooth decay by removing the decay-causing pathogens on and around the tooth. In fact, if the cavity is not deep, no restoration may be needed at all.
Systemic Oxygenation: Ozone Ear Insufflation for nasal passages, sinuses, tinnitus, etc

Dental ozone therapy

Ozone is an activated oxygen, made of three oxygen atoms. In nature, it is simple to produce Ozone. When sunlight meets air, the result is ozone. In dentistry and medicine, it requires a medical grade generator. While ozone is considered “new technology” it has actually been used in dentistry since the 1930s. The reason it is becoming more popular today is that ozone delivery systems are far safer and more effective.

Ozone therapy is a simple, inexpensive, fast and non-invasive treatment option.
So what are some benefits of ozone therapy?
Ozone is a safe and effective tool which kills bacteria, viruses, fungi (mold), spores and parasites. It also has immune-stimulating, anti-hypoxic and regenerative effects.

Ozone not only enhances wound healing but also promotes teeth remineralization, enabling diffusion of calcium and phosphorus into decay by opening dentinal channels.

Some of the uses for ozone therapy in dentistry:

– Treatment of gum disease

– Treatment and prevention of cavities

– Healing of cold sores and canker sores

– Whitening

– Removal of precancerous lesions

– Removing infection during safe infected teeth removal procedure.

As with all types of dentistry, our goal is to prevent disease or treat it while it is still in the early stages. That’s why we use ozone treatment on all of our patients.

Dr Emma recommends using OZONATED organic oils daily as part of your daily oral hygiene protocol.

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