Our Philosophy

We believe in whole health optimization, and your mouth being the gateway to the rest of your body. Teeth originate from the same tissues which form your central nervous system.

Treating the oral cavity as though it were separate from the rest of the body is inherently flawed and ultimately leads to compromised health. Our functional biological approach to dental medicine considers the whole health of each patient.

Our core philosophy is to redefine your dental experience, making it personalized and positive. Learn more about the differences between biological dentistry and traditional in this video.

We want our patients to embrace their oral health and to understand that the focus is fully centralized around their goals. We also understand that many people have challenging emotions around past dental experiences. Our New Patient Experience process helps to acknowledge these feelings and move beyond them. We welcome all people who are seeking to achieve their best levels of systemic health.

Dr Emma’s Integrative Wellness Center is committed to the implementation of minimally-invasive technologies, as well as scientific, biological and Holistic principles to improve the overall health of each patient. The early diagnosis of dental problems can shed light on other health concerns before they advance. Many of the products and services you have available to you are influenced by our natural and integrative approach.

Continuing our education in all types of functional medicine is an essential part of how our team provides the highest level of service, care and experience. Our goal is to redefine the stereotypes of dentistry to one that is exceptionally positive and enjoyable.

Our team strives to increase your personal oral health knowledge – giving you a better understanding of the exceptionally high quality of care we provide, but also to give you a sense of warmth and delight with every interaction we have. We are lifelong relationship builders, and strive to build a “mutual affection society” between us and all of the people we are fortunate to have trust us with their smiles.

Our approach includes

  • Assessing nutritional deficiencies
  • Assessing areas of infection and decay
  • Assessing toxic materials in the mouth
  • Assessing functional abnormalities (TMJ and sleep apnea)
  • Improving digestion
  • Restoring teeth with mercury-free biomimetic dentistry
  • Restoring teeth with biocompatible biological restorations
  • Supporting the body with natural treatments, like ozone, laser biomodulation, and light therapy

Improving Digestion

Eating whole foods that are free of processed and refined materials is the first step to oral health. Processed and refined foods tax the digestive system, which in turn negatively affects every other organ in the body. When digestion is poor, the mouth becomes acidic, severely compromising oral health. Eating foods that are free of genetically modified organisms is also important to one’s health and longevity. We are, literally, what we eat!

Nutrition Tips

The types of foods eaten on a regular basis have a direct effect on oral health. If carbohydrates are not balanced with proteins, for example, the blood sugar will spike and plummet, over stressing the body, leading to insulin resistance and adrenal fatigue, which in turn lead to poor digestion and an acidic oral environment. We routinely provide customized nutritional guidance to our patients.

Mercury Free Dentistry

Mercury is toxic. With the advent of strong and biocompatible ceramic materials, there is no reason to use mercury fillings. We also safely remove amalgam fillings (which are 50% mercury) to prevent negative systemic effects.

Infected Teeth

If infection is swallowed on a regular basis, it can disrupt the proper digestive process. Infected teeth also stress the body. One of the first courses of action cancer centers take when treating their patients is to clean up the mouth. Physicians understand that if the mouth is toxic and infected, the body cannot heal.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are not only effective for relaxation but certain oils can be used as an oral rinse to inhibit plaque formation and improve oral health. Some essential oils have therapeutic effects that promote tissue healing. Dr Emma and the team use DoTerra and Young Living essential oils.

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