We are a full service holistic general dental practice focusing on Naturopathic Medical Dentistry and Integrative Dental Medicine.

Our primary goal is helping people achieve optimal health. Because of our uniquely health-centered approach, the services that we provide are often found to be refreshingly new and enjoyable by our guests.Whether it is a New Patient experience visit and the diagnostic information gathered or the regenerative and health-promoting techniques we practice, you can be reassured that you will always be in control of your own care.

We strive to provide all the information about your health and possible treatment plan options in a transparent truthful manner, where all your questions are answered.

1. Integrative Preventive care

a. Decay risk assessment

b. Gum health evaluation

c. Oral Cancer screening

d. 3D Oral Scanning

Preventative care

2. SMART Mercury Removal

3. Minimal Invasive BPA free fillings

4. Biomimetic Biological Tooth Restorations

5. LANAP Periodontal Regeneration

6. Safe Infected Teeth Removal

7. LASER Dentistry

8. Ozone Therapy

9. Ozone Whitening

10. Jaw Pain and Teeth Grinding

11. Myobrace

12. Natural Regenerative Treatments / CareEsthetics

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