Case Study 4

Myobrace Expansion Case

Case started with the patient being in upper elementary school and then continued after prolapse in dental care in high school.

Mom’s initial complaints included : crooked teeth, bed wetting, restless sleep, night terrors, sinus issues, learning difficulties and behavioural problems.

Upon examination very narrow dental arches, teeth grinding, compromised airway, mouth breathing. Sleep study was recommended but got delayed for almost years.

Initial treatment included Myobrace trainers and appliances to address airway dysfunction, habit correction, arch expansion, and oral posture.

Tongue tie revision and basic myofunctional training along with Craniosacral therapy (Holistic Chiropractor)

Most of the symptoms were gone in 12 months!

Then there was a time of dental care relapse.

Fast forward 7 years, Arch Expansion and airway correction with more advanced age appropriate myofunctional exercises was continued with different appliances, and as a last step dental alignment and correct nasal breathing training.

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