Case Study 3

Breast cancer, Depression, jaw pain, sinus pain, Mercury toxicity, severe sleep apnea with severe oxygen deprivation.

Severe worn teeth, TMJ dysfunction, bruxism, chemical burns from Oral Galvanism (dissimilar metal creating an electrical current and corrosion),decay, infected root canal treated tooth, lost vertical occlusion .

Our health team included oncologist, psychologist, sleep physician, airway centered ENT, Holistic chiropractor and an implantologist (Swiss Dental Solutions)

Decayed teeth treated using dental dam isolation, Fotona Lightwalker laser and ozone therapy.

Infected Root canal treated tooth was removed and a ceramic SDS implant placed.

Nightlase treatment for opening airway as a phase one

Orthotic appliance for TMD, airway and lost vertical dimension.

After TMJ treatment, rebuilt the vertical dimension of occlusion, all safe metal removal and airway treatments, the patient’s oxygen saturation levels went up to the 90s range.

Emax ceramic restorations and Grandioso (composite resin) were used.

All symptoms resolved upon completion of dental treatment.

The Patient is in remission, latest test results with the oncologist show no signs of cancer in her body.

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