Case Study 1

Poor digestion, Oral pH 5.5, low thyroid function, chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, depression.

Oral Galvanism, Gold restorations, amalgam alloy fillings, bleeding gums, burning tongue syndrome, tinnitus, TMD, snoring.

Multidisciplinary approach with a functional medical doctor, sleep physician and Holistic chiropractor involved, helped this patient to get rid of digestion issues, normalize thyroid function, get better sleep and better energy throughout the day, tinnitus is currently 80% better, and no more burning tongue.

All metal removal was performed following SMART protocol.

Infection removed completely.

Gum treatment following LANAP protocol

Nightlase treatment for snoring

Orthotic appliance for TMD, posture and airway

Teeth restored with Emax (lithium disilicate) and Admira Fusion (composite resin)

Teeth Case 2
Teeth Case 1
Teeth Case 4
Teeth Case 3

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